XOXO Art, Love, and the Internet In Review By: HUSH Magazine

XOXO Art, Love and the Internet


This was definitely not your run of the mill art show at the Vancouver Art Gallery: It was a social and stimulating full-bodied artistic experience.  The “XOXO Art, Love and the Internet” exhibition was an erotic art and social media extravaganza headed by the creative heads of DuJour Marketing and Lords of Gastown in the Railtown district of our very own Vancouver, B.C.
Mind-blowing artwork was featured on various mediums including photography, canvas art, and short films broadcasted from the social media hub. The event featured both local and internationally acclaimed artists who used their pieces to showcase the beauty of the female form through their choice of artistic expression. To make the event even more beautiful from the inside out, proceeds went towards women’s shelters in the greater Vancouver area, further proving that art, love, and the internet can coexist with the greater good.


XOXO drew an eclectic mix of Vancouverites: artists, business owners, Suicide Girls, and everyone in between came to enjoy the art and atmosphere of the event. Even some of the artists showcased at XOXO came by to sip on Parallel 49 pale ale and support their fellow artists, two in particular being the very talented artist, Aaron White, and local photography powerhouse, Rick Legal. Vancouver models and performers also came in to support the cause, and even our HUSH family joined in on the experience, taking some of the art home to enjoy in the future.


Even though XOXO has come and gone, the aura left on Dunlevy Street will stay for quite some time. It isn’t very often that art gets to be experienced in innovative and engaging ways, so it goes without saying that this event has left it’s mark in Vancouver and won’t be fading away any time soon.

Words | Teniel Messado
Photos | Anastasia Chapman

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