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Tabata Training is interval training, with a twist!

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Tabata Training

I recently performed so close to home that my sisters came to visit me!  
They got dolled up to watch skating
Then we acted silly
And… ate treats!
The next morning it was time to work off all that cake!  It was also the perfect opportunity to take another step on my road to recovery, and introduce a new circuit training program…
Tabata Training is interval training, with a twist!  20 second, high intensity bursts are followed by 10 second periods of active rest.  This allows you to keep your overall heart rate in the optimal zone for fat burning.  
From beginners looking to lose fat, and intermediates who have hit a plateau, to elite athletes who wish to reach their next goal, Tabata circuits can be tailored to people at all fitness levels.
My sister RandiFitMom swears by Tabata workouts, and includes them in her work out regime all year long. 

“I’ve put it to the test and seen the results!! I’m definitely leaner and my muscles look more full when I do this type of training to get my cardio in!  Lifting heavy is great, but if you want to shed weight on top of muscle this shizzznat works!!”

We did the following  6 gut busting exercises, for 8 sets of 20 on, 10 off each.  That’s a total of 20 minutes of sweat inducing plyometrics, weights, and co-ordination training.


Bench Jump Overs
Dumbell Squat Swings (similar to kettle bell swings)
Squat Jumps (onto bench)
Leg Raises with Butt Lift (using the stability ball)
Ta da!
It was a full scale family take over in the gym, with our sister killing it on the treadmill, while we worked through our circuit. 
I obvi stole her for a mirror selfie too 😉 
I feel so incredibly lucky to be killing it in the gym, and performing again.  After injuries like mine, you definitely have to rebuild slowly, or risk undoing all of your progress.  I still get fatigued a lot easier than I used to, but I know that this too will improve in time.  For now I am trying my best to listen to my body, keep active, and take it easy in between.  The same will be true for any of you trying Tabata for the first time!  Take it easy, take breaks, and tailor the exercises to your level of fitness.  The Internet is full of great examples of this type of exercise.  Remember, all you need is a little imagination, and the will to succeed! 
Grab more inspiration here:
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