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Roll Out

After all the EXXXOTICA craziness, the hotel gym was a great place to unwind.  

The Sheraton has launched a “360-degree training and nutrition program that incorporates the organization’s four fundamentals of optimal performance: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery” programmed by Core Performance. Their updated fitness centre features cardio equipment, weights, and a comprehensive stretching and training guide.  The timing of this new system couldn’t have been better.  Last night was only my second time in the gym since I was rear-ended, so I kept my cardio session low impact by doing just 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Afterwards I took full advantage of the stretching are (and large flat screen TV) by rolling out my arms, legs, and back, using the massage sticks. 
I used the shorter stick, with one large roller for my legs, and the longer beaded stick for my upper body.
Next up, I laid on this large foam roller for several minutes, beginning at my lower back, and rolling, at increments, to my neck.  
In addition to cardio and rolling, I also went through my prescribed physio exercises using an exercise ball.  
Chin tuck on wall with arms up (Wood Chopper) 3 X 15
Trunk Rotation 2 X 5 each direction
Chin Tuck + Head Lift while laying down 2 X 10 
Face Down T’s 2 X 10
Following all that activity I was a little sore, but a hot bath, advil, and a heating pad settled everything down nicely.
Photo by Steve Prue
As I continue to recover from my injuries, I am forced to consider how much I put my body through each day.  Something as insignificant as sitting on an airplane, or in a car was very uncomfortable, even a week ago!  (I never realized how hard your neck works just to keep you upright, and absorb movement during travel.)
With several weeks of rest behind me, and the help of my physiotherapist, I am well on my way to a full recovery.  There have been many moments of frustration, and I’m sure there are more to come, but the risk of re-injury is more than enough to settle me down, and keep me still a little longer.  In the end, I know my lack of activity won’t impact my fitness in the long run.  And lucky for me, I have the opportunity to travel to warm climates where I can skate, push, and run around all winter long.
Not like I’d let a little cold weather stop me 😉
“Tita and Tires” by Steve Prue
Do you love it?!?


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