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Resistance Isn’t Futile

You guys!  Something super duper amazing awesome happened this week!  A super sneaky secret admirer sent me this Black Mountain Products Resistance Band set from my Wishlist  (Whoever you are THANK YOU!  Please e mail me so I can send you a thank you treat!)
More than a thoughtful surprise, this set came just in time for my physiotherapist to increase my activity level to include – you guessed it – Resistance Bands!
Imagine my delight when I came home from another gruelling session to unwrap this unexpected present.
Ever since my injury, followed by my car accident, my work outs have been severely limited.  Aside from a couple of 20 minute sessions on the elliptical machine, to test my progress, I have more or less stuck to neck tucks, and heating pads 😛
Now, with permission from physio to increase my range of motion AND this incredible new work out system, I am more motivated than ever to get back into the game!
Here’s a breakdown of my newly prescribed resistance work outs:
Elastic Row (bent elbows) 3 X 15
Elastic Lat Pulldown (straight arms) 3 X 15
Elastic Tricep Extension
Elastic Trunk Rotation (each direction) 2 X 10
Do you love it?!?

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