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Recovery Mode

As mentioned last week, I’m in the midst of recovering from some injuries that have sent me into recovery mode.  
Beginning last Friday, I was barred from doing anything with impact, including running, skating, and circus! (duh)  It reminded me of last year’s “Fitness On The Mend”, when my sister’s fitness goals were literally held up by crutches.
This time, I took the advice of my long time trainer Brad Bartch and “stayed still” for a few days -Which was way harder than it sounds.  
After 5 long days I went in for a low impact work out, using moves taken from the UFC Fit program.  
Here’s the breakdown:
4 sets/no rest
Drop Squats X 10
Bow & Arrow X 10
4 sets/no rest
Push ups X 10
Dips X 10
4 sets/no rest
Lunges X 10
Squats X 10 
There will be more outgoing workouts, and up-to-date photos in future WOW posts.  In the meantime, take a peek at these informative articles that deal with recovering from sports injury:
Or, feel free to take a stab at one of the work outs we’ve done in the past year!  Click the link for fitness tips, tricks, and routines including: skating, swimming, runningclimbing, hiking and flying 😉


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