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RICE is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  It is most often used as a mnemonic device, in reference to treating soft tissue injuries, including bruises, sprains and strains.  
RICE (Also PRICE Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is considered first aid treatment, and is included in the Red Cross, and St. John’s Ambulance training courses.  Additionally it is also a cornerstone of sports medicine, and on site treatment of injuries sustained during training.  


Rest: Rest helps reduce aggravation caused by repeated use of injured area.  The duration of the rest period depends on severity of condition, and the how much range of motion is restricted.  
Ice: Cold helps to limit swelling, and provides short term pain relief.  It is usually applied in 15 minute increments, followed by a 15 minute rest.  It is important to protect the skin from damage, and frostbite by placing a thin barrier between exposed skin, and the ice. 
Compression: Compressing the injury can help to diminish swelling and inflammation. Correctly wrapping the injury limits injured limbs, and joints from moving in unwanted patterns.  When wrapping, be sure to let the skin breathe, and watch for discolouration.  Bandages tied too tightly often can limit circulation and result in a throbbing sensation.
Elevation: The final step, elevation, also helps to alleviate swelling.  It works best when the injured body part is set above the heart.  This helps reduce edema by encouraging blood to move away from the injury.  

This week I’ve been putting this procedure to good use, in answer to some recurring and acute injuries I sustained during the training of my new circus routine.  
Upon inspection, it was found that I have a sublexated rib, and two upper vertabrae out of alignment.  The resulting muscle pain, and spasms which were initially a mere inconvenience, became more pronounced as the bone injuries continued to be strained by my routine.  I also have a slight sprain to my left ankle which is the result of too much fun, with not enough down time.  Plain and simple.  If there is light left in the day, I’m gonna use it.  
The only “cure” is rest, and… yup, you can guess what else!  There has been a lot of “laying around” this weekend.  And while it was frustrating at first, the relief I’ve begun to feel is making the down time well worth it.  I’ve also been using this pillow called the “Spine Line” for re-positioning.  


I’ve been pretty good about following orders for the past several days.  At the end of the day, once diagnosed it would be silly to go against mdeical advice.  Up until I saw the physiotherapist was another story.  (Hashtag Oops!)  My family and fellow performers will understand how difficult it can be to listen to your body’s signs, when each and every day you work to over ride them.  Sometimes it takes an outside opinion to let you know that your pain signals are correct, and you need to take some time off.
But not to worry!  I’ll be back at it by the end of the week 😉
*Note* You probably noticed the name change for this entry.  As my schedule fills up, and my work outs, and training vary, I’ve decided to rename my fitness entries, so that they may be shared with you whenever I get the chance!  Look for my fave work outs, tips, tricks and training each week under the new title “Work Out Weekly”.  

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    Tony Cordero

    glad your taking care of yourself. add some extra time for recovery. don't want spend more time recovering for the same in jury area again. those muscles are going to be weak for some time. tried to speed up my recovery and made it worst. so be careful and enjoy the down time sweetie

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