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Get Back Up

Before I share this week’s post, I want to talk about a topic that is usually downplayed in popular media, and day to day conversations.  It’s something that we’ve all felt at one time or another, and see all around us, but rarely talk about.  


As you probably know by now, beginning in August I suffered a series of pretty major injuries.  While these things didn’t lay me out completely (I’m much too stubborn for that), they did make an incredible impact on my fitness regime, and my lifestyle.

With the help of physio, specialists, and my very supportive inner circle of friends, and family, I was well enough to perform in an ice show, beginning in November.

While I did some cool work outs along the way, and skated an incredible routine for 4 weeks straight, I still feel far from my usual self .  My strength is less than I am used to, my muscles are smaller than usual, and my energy levels are still building back up.  

More than 4 months later, I still struggle to balance my work schedule, fitness goals, online interaction, and social activities, with my recovery needs.  9 times out of 10, I end up dropping the ball somewhere, and feeling like a huge loser for it.

Which brings me to this blog.

In 2011 I began this site with one goal –  To share my life, adventures, and fitness tips with my friends, and fans.  Things went well, momentum built quickly, and in time I was able to post twice a week, and then some!  I posted my collaborations, events, travels, and fitness tips without fail, for over a year straight.  And then… Life caught up to me.

Now, do not think for one minute that I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself.  Far from it!  I have had a positive attitude throughout my ordeal – Which for the record included a sprained neck, displaced ribs, sprained ankle and fingers, a broken tooth, dental surgery, and finally Pityriasis Rosea (look it up, it ain’t pretty).  I seriously do not begrudge any of my life, or experiences.  I learned a ton of very valuable lessons this year and I am thankful for all of them, even the ugly ones (skin condition, I’m looking at you).

In any case, here I am, writing my first fitness post, in over a month.

Who’s to blame?  What’s the reason? How did this happen?

Simple.  I got discouraged.  

I wasn’t posting every week, and I didn’t know how to account for it.
I thought things had to be done a certain way, and I didn’t know how else to do them.
I felt like I was letting you down, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

Then today I realized, “Waitasecond!  How can I be blowing it, if there aren’t any rules in the first place?”  

Thanks to my years of very gruelling, demanding, and routine training, I often fall into the trap of thinking things are black or white.  You do it, and succeed.  Or you don’t, and fail.  It’s incredible that I think this way about myself, when I am exactly the opposite way with other people.  

As a coach I help skaters reach their highest potential, congratulate them when they win, and support them when they lose.  As a social media specialist I help my clients branch out into new territories, unlock potential they didn’t know they had, and talk them through things when they are slow.  As a person I strive to listen to my friends, encourage them when they are uncertain, laugh with them when they mess up, and catch them when they fall.   

So why on earth was I doing any different with myself?

So here’s my advice to me (and you if you’ve been feeling discouraged lately)

Buck up buttercup.
There is not right or wrong.  
You make the rules.
You call the shots.
When things change, you change right with them.  
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try all over again. 


Oh.  And eat a fuggin cupcake!
Do you love it?!?


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