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Steve Prue coined what is now the Team Rockstar motto “Advenutures.  We has em.”
From conventions, to photo shoots, to rockstar road trips, wherever we go, adventure ensues.  This weekend, we headed to Salem, MA, to take in some autumn treats, act like tourists, and walk (and walk, and walk).
Measuring up at The Burying Point
Checking out Haunted Houses
Scarring myself at the Horror Museum
As I struggle to keep low impact, I find myself more frustrated than ever by my injuries.  I’ve been doing physio twice per week, stretching, and doing basic alignment exercises only.  My skateboard has been put away, my roller skates are in storage, and I haven’t used a work out video, or weight set in weeks.  
For the most part, my body is happy with the break.  The muscle knots that typically reside in my upper back and shoulders, have settled down, and my ankle is happier than ever (I haven’t even worn skates to coach).

Selfie Saturday in Salem
Mostly I miss the energy that fitness gives me, as well as the mental break it provides from work.  When you truly focus on your work out, you not only get the best results, you also give yourself the opportunity to shift you brain from what “has to get done” to what you want to do!  The rest of the world falls away, and you can accomplish whatever you wish.  
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m clearly capable of keeping busy, and never suffer from ennui.  But this lack of physical activity has definitely left me feeling “bored”, and even a little bit stroppy.   
Tita vs Pirate
Needless to say, the fresh air, time with friends, and new surroundings definitely helped my mood.  
And things only got better when I got to try something new… Namely Slacklining!  We happened upon a group in Salem Common called “The Slack Pack” who describe themselves as “a crew of slackliners who take pride in teaching newcomers the lifestyle, promoting health, and putting smiles on faces.”
Taking a page on the “Summer of Yes” motto I had earlier this year, I decided to head over and ask if they minded showing me the ropes (pun intended)
Attempt 1: with assistance from The Slack Pack


At this stage I realized how complicated a skill this is.  Not only do you need to have impeccable balance, and focus, it’s also necessary to push your limits and test your reaction time.  
Attempt 2:
Having some pretty serious injuries to account for, I didn’t try to fight through imbalance, and paid attention to clear signals of misalignment.  For what it was worth, I simply went up, and right back down, however quickly that occurred (for the record, it was pretty quick :P).
Attempt 3:

Attempt 4:
Ta Da!
Basically, given more time, and perfect health, I would have LOVED to spend more time figuring out the “sweet spot” on a slackline.  The dudes in the park were terrifically talented, and massively patient.  They were so generous with their time, and expertise, and seemed genuinely interested in explaining their club to me.  I adore when like minded people find one another, and create something around which they can congregate, and practice/learn/grow.  When we left I had only one question: “I wonder if I can hang a slackline in The Compound?”

“Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed.  Give me the tightrope” – Edith Wharton

Do you love it?!?


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  1. You slacklined? Lucky!!!<br /><br />I broke my toe. Low impact isn&#39;t exactly cutting it for me either. Here&#39;s to us ladies making a speedy recovery! 🙂

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