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7 minutes

Recently there has been a lot of media attention surrounding the “7 minute work out“.  Since I’m still far from my usual work out routine, I thought I’d take the time to address this topic, and add my own take on the popularity of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
HIIT is an advanced form of circuit training, featuring exercises that are maxed out by either time or reps.  These programs tend to be shorter in duration than traditional programs, and are often completed within 15 minutes.  From Crossfit, to Bodyrock TV, I have done a significant number of these work outs in the past year.  
With my background in athletics and cross training, it has been a successful and welcome addition to my typical routine.  
This type of training is not for the faint of heart, and should only be taken on if you are in top physical condition.  When fatigued, technique can become compromised, leaving the body open to serious injury.  It’s important not to push past the brink of proper execution, since mere completion of the routine, at the cost of technique, will not help you reach your fitness goals.  
Anerobic exercise’s such as HIIT are a useful method of building cardio conditioning and muscular strength, and is ideally suited to athletes in sports that include rapid muscle firing.  i.e. Most major league sports, as well as ice skating, soccer, and even skate boarding!  Basically, anything that requires fast reaction time, has explosive movements, or includes quick changes of direction.
One of the biggest limitations people face when trying to include fitness into their day to day life is time.  What I like about programs such as the 7 minute work out, is that it reminds people that fitness needn’t take hours of training, or costly gym memberships.  Circuit training encourages people to get moving, and challenge themselves, using bodyweight, online resources and websites, or even – gasp!  The great outdoors!
The 7 minute work out is a collection of body weight exercises that work both the front and back of the major muscle groups.  When performed with a warm up, for 3 rounds, with proper technique, and cool down, it takes more than a mere 7 minutes (Up to 30 in fact!)
However, what’s the harm in doing just 7 minutes?  If one round is all you can muster, I say go for it!  Give it a week or two and add some more.  After that, build up to 3 times through.  As your fitness level, and confidence increases, try new circuits, crossfit programs, or video work outs.  If all you have the time or faith for is 7 minutes right now – then take that 7 minutes and work your butt off!  Once you’ve laid the ground work, the rest is up to you 😉
Do you love it?!?
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  1. Hey Tita,<br /><br />I was curious what type of foods you choose to eat? I&#39;m trying to transition out of the fast food rut, almost fully out of it. Just looking at some better options out there. Your page is a big motivator.<br /><br />And yes, I love it.<br /><br />-M

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