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Vinyasa Yoga

Too much of a good thing is still too much.  My week of travel, fun & friends in California left me feelin little used up. It was absolutely some of the best fun I’ve had all year, but all that excitement made for a very tired Tita.  

Upon my return to Vancouver, I took a few days off, to catch up on sleep, and clean up my diet.  After that, it was time to ease back into activity with some good, old fashioned Yoga.

My good friend, and fellow SuicideGirl Rin has been practicing Yoga for 13 years.  
She credits it with making her body feel strong and capable, as well as improving her posture, circulation, and helping to regulate her emotions.

It had been sometime since we did a work-out together, so this was the perfect opportunity to get back at it!

Rin subscribes to My Yoga Online, which is where we found our program.  However, after poking around on the internet, I was pleased to find that they post examples of their practices on their YouTube channel as well.

In this case, the term vinyasa also refers to a specific series of movements that are performed in a series. 

Sun salutation

Camel Pose

Half locust/half bow swim
Lunge with hands in prayer

Chair pose into airplane

Afterwards we cooled down with some stretches from “Stretching” by Bob Anderson

“I like this guy”
 Even my chihuahua got in on it!
So that’s why they call it downward dog!
You can find the entire sequence here:
Fire Flow, by teacher Clara Roberts-Oss

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