Work Out Wednesday – What You Waiting For?


The Who, What, Where, When & Why of my fitness regime

What You Waiting For?

Greetings from New York City!  


This month has been filled with work, challenges, and fun.  I’ve literally been scrimping and scrounging for time to fit it all in!  As such, I’ve been relying on one of my favourite work out websites, The Daily Hiit (Formerly BodyRock TV) for routines and motivation.  
On Monday & Tuesday I did the Daily Hiit “Make it Hot” 
Last week I completed “Sexy Summer Body Sweat”
Each Wednesday I find tips, tricks, and work outs to share.   This week I have a motto to share with you.  It’s one that’s been playing in my head for the past few weeks, and has really motivated me to get my work done, and work outs in.

Four simple words.
What You Waiting For?
Do you love it?!?


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