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Weight Training

I had the incredible opportunity to work out with the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of British Colombia, Jim Diehl.
Jim has been head of the UBC Athletics Department for 3 years, and has lead countless athletes to personal and professional victory.  From the world renowned UBC varsity program, to the X Games, CFL, NFL, and MLB, Diehl’s work has been seen all over the world! 
What better way to get back into weight lifting than with someone as established and knowledgable as The Thunderbirds head coach!
Jim put together a weight based circuit for Jordan and I, focused on technique, range of motion, and continuous movement.  We did a total 5 exercises, 8-10 sets each, with declining reps – and a major warm up!
Warm up:
3 X High knees/Jogging
3 X Cable swings/Walking lunges
Work out:
DB Bench Press 
Overhead Squats
Pull Ups
Reverse Push Ups
Suspended Mountain Climbers
Returning to weights after 12 weeks off, was a major step on my road to recovery.  Having to start from scratch with my work outs means I am restoring not only strength, but also muscle memory; which can get discouraging from time to time.  It turned out I was a lot stronger than I expected, but it was still very helpful, and important to have a trained eye nearby to correct my form.  Not only did Jim make sure I didn’t over do it, he also pushed me further than I thought I could go! 
I’ve since gone on to reintroduce weight lifting into my weekly training, and owe it all to this work out at UBC…
I often work out at home, or outdoors, so to have the opportunity to work along side a trained professional as renowned as Mr. Diehl was a true pleasure.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Vancouver’s national and international athletes, because when they do well, there’s a good chance Mr. Diehl had something to do with it 😉
Do you love it?!?
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