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The Who, What, Where, When & Why of my fitness regime


Last month I decided to shake things up a bit, and took on the UFC Fit challenge.  The complete UFC Fit program contains
  • 12 DVDs
  • 12 week fitness tracker
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Guide
  • Plus an alternate “3 Day Shred” program
Broken up into four, three week segments, the program is developed to help you shed body fat, lower your weight, and improve muscle tone and cardio conditioning.  It accomplishes this by mentoring you through one to two 45 minute routines per day, with host Mike Dolce, a renowned mixed martial arts trainer.  

I have really enjoyed Mike’s firm but encouraging coaching style.  He alternates between demonstrating the exercises, explaining them in detail, and suggesting alternatives based on your level of fitness.  The result is an visual/audio, and technical guideline on each and every exercise in the routine.  
Additionally, you’re encouraged to clean up your diet with a list of suggested groceries and recipes from The Dolce Diet.  This diet offer a fresh take on “clean eating“, and can easily be included in every kind of lifestyle – from Vegan, to vegetarian, to paleo.  As with all things, take what you like, and leave the rest!  For me, I tried the smoothie recipe, and enjoyed some super rad turkey burgers.  


Your work out schedule is presented on a calendar, leaving you free to simply get dressed, pop in a DVD and go.  Honestly – this was one of my favourite things about the UFC Fit system, since after months of planning and creating my own work outs, it left me to simply show up and get down to business.   

After 3 weeks, I am still totally in love with this program.  Granted, it is a BIG commitment.  If you are at all squeamish about expectations, you may find this program overwhelming.  As I said before, it’s important to make things fun, and find ways to include fitness in your life, that you can enjoy and benefit from.  Most people can’t swing one without the other, at least not in the long term.  


The routines are complex and quite advanced, and though they do include simplified and low impact versions of the exercises, it is still one hell of a work out!  My suggestion is to watch one of the routines before deciding to commit to the full calendar.  Alternately, you could always begin by adding one or more of the work outs to your regular schedule, and use it as a cross training tool.  Rather than take on the full calendar.  Totally your choice.  
After all, the most important choice of all, is to commit to fitness.  


Last but not least, there are some crazy ninja moves thrown in for good measure, which definitely challenged ALL of my energy systems at once.  Completely demanding in every way – these work outs are fierce, fun, complicated, and provoking.

Trust me.  This stuff is legit! 
Do you love it?!?



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