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Travel Day Tips

On Wednesday I drove from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois with Gracie Hagen.  On Thursday I flew from the US, back to my home in Vancouver, Canada.  Two travel days, in a row + limited rest and food choices is a recipe for the perfect travel day hang over. Or is it?!?  
Here are a few tips and tricks I use to keep healthy – and keep going, on long travel days.
1. Stretch
Keep your muscles limber, and the blood flowing with some easy movements like these, designed to keep you from seizing up, up in the air
You can always squeeze in a quick airport work out if you get the chance too 😉
2. Eat small.  Eat often.
Travel days usually involve a lot of sitting.  Of course you want to be satisfied, and who doesn’t want one last serving of homemade dessert before hitting the road?  Still, a full meal before traveling will only set you up for discomfort later.  Whether it’s stepping across your seat mates to use the bathroom, or stomach cramps caused my gas, or awkward posture, do yourself a favour and stick to small portions when traveling.  
My go to snacks for a carry on include:
  • Beef or turkey jerky
  • raw almonds & cashews
  • fruit leather
  • dark chocolate
Most airlines now offer healthy choices for your inflight meals and snacks.  Air Canada’s On Board Cafe has a terrific array of options including veggies & dip, cheese & gluten free crackers, and oatmeal.  While Westjet’s Buy On Board menu includes beef jerky, and Ichiban noodle soup.  
3. Pick protein
I always take jerky, pepperettes, or some other kind of protein source with me.   Granted, you could pack eggs, chicken, or any other meat for that matter, but between temperature changes, and consideration for your fellow passengers, I find the best protein options are also the least complicated.  If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll be well aware I often take bacon on the road with me.
Bacon on the go
Game changer
4. Hydrate
Water, water and more water.  Packaged options like Vitamin Water, juices, or caffeinated beverages may seem like a good idea (and of course, something is better than nothing) but none of those options beat good old fashioned water.  Current TSA regulations prohibit you from carrying liquids with more volume than 100 ml, so packing your beverage choice isn’t an option.  However, many airports now feature water fountains with a special nozzle for filling your personal water bottle, so be sure to include an empty one in your carry on, and fill it as soon as you clear security.  
5. Wear layers
Let’s face it.  Fit people don’t have much body fat.  I like to wear basics like leggings and a tank top to fly, but always include additional layers to put on in flight, or at my destination when necessary.  
In my experience, men’s socks make great “leg warmers” and a hoodie can be used as a blanket or worn, if the a/c gets too strong for you.  I also always travel with a large scarf, that once again, can be thrown on or over my legs when the temperature drops.
7. Keep yourself busy
You know what they say: “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings”.  Or maybe it should be “keep your hands busy, and out of your mouth!”  We’ve all eaten out of boredom at once time or another.  A long travel day, stuck in a seat on an airplane can quickly throw you off of the clean eating wagon.  Even healthy snacks, when eaten in large quantities can derail your plans.  Don’t rely on the in flight entertainment, or nap time to keep you occupied the entire time you’re in the air.  What if (gasp!) the tv system is out of order?  What if the lady behind you has a fussy baby that won’t let you fall asleep?  Pack a book, magazine, or tech device to keep your mind, and hands occupied, and you’ll be less likely to reach for another package of complimentary pretzels.  
At the end of the day, my lifestyle of frequent travel leaves me with two choices: 1) choose my food and habits wisely, or 2) give up.  Really!  I’ve had 14 full travel days in the past 6 weeks.  That’s more than enough days to completely compromise my health and fitness goals.  

With some creative thinking, and a little bit of planning, you can make healthy decisions on the road.  
(Plus, if it weren’t for all those travel days, I would never have been able to shoot images like these…)
Naked in northern Ontario
Ink N Iron with some of my fave LA Suicidegirls
Nude in Ohio with Gracie Hagen & Patton
Do you love it?!?

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