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To Grandmother’s House We Go 


If you’ve been following along all year, you’ll be used to seeing me work out in all sorts of places.  Outdoors, at home, in hotel gyms, up mountains, and even – Columbia!
I took a much needed vacation last week, to my favourite place in the world – Kelowna, BC. The best part about visiting Kelowna is seeing my Grandma.  Really!  She’s a crazy old broad with a vocabulary that can put sailors to shame, and more passion and energy than kids half her age.  She is also an accomplished skier, and long time supporter of the arts.  All this in a tiny 5’2 package.  In the case of her and I, you can definitely say, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree 😉
But we have more in common than just genes, and a love of adventure, we also share a love of activity and exercise.  So much so, that my 80 year old Grandma has a pretty impressive gym in her basement, and uses it most days too.  
Lucky for me, I have a lifelong membership to this facility, and can pop in to use it whenever I visit.  I even leave work out clothes, and runners in her basement.
Whenever we get together we watch John Wayne films.  (Neither of us were fans before, but it’s fun to work through the catalogue together.)



 Last week, I threw one on, and got down to business…

Here’s an update on the “Front and Back” work out I posted last year, from the lobby of O’Hare, with a twist…  This one a) uses weights and b) is so simple and effective, even a Grandma can do it.  

Bi’s & Tri’s
As you may recall, antagonistic muscle training works opposing muscle groups in one supersetted work out.  In this work out, we will concentrate on the muscles that make up the upper arm – The biceps brachii and triceps brachii.  

*5 min cardio of your choice
Bicep curl
Tricep kick backs
2 min cardio interval
Bicep hammer curls
Tricep overhead press
2 min cardio interval
Complete 3 times through, finishing with another *5 minute cardio interval
Total cardio time: 20 minutes
This work out is not only a weight lifting split work out, it’s also a cardio circuit.  To get the added benefits of circuit training, be sure to work your way through each set as quickly as possible, with minimal resting time.  
And the best part of doing my work out at Grandma’s house?  Dinner was ready and waiting when I finished.
Do you love it?!? 

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