Work Out Wednesday – The Happiness Journey

I met Briana Aimee in May when I was looking for a dress to wear to my (at the time top secret) wedding ceremony at EXXXOTICA Chicago. 

Have you ever met someone, and known straight away that you wanted to be their  friend?!?

Over my next appointments and fittings, Briana not only helped me fit me with the PERFECT dress for my special day, she also let me in on a little project she was up to on her (limited) down time… Have you ever heard of a little thing called YouTube?!?


Briana is more than half way through an incredible project that is helping her, and inviting you, to be the happiest version of yourself.

The Happiness Journey

From love to loss, activism to Arbonne, each week Briana shares a little piece of her journey, and for the past several months, I have been lucky enough to watch it unfold.

When Briana asked me to be a part of her series, I jumped at the chance!  I am known for being positive, healthy, fun, silly, outgoing, and outspoken.  But what people sometimes forget is that it isn’t always easy being… any of us!


Even though I’ve been an athlete my entire life, there are still days that I feel down and out, and completely disinterested in fitness. That said, after all these years I have experienced first hand the effect that activity can have on my overall well-being, and happiness.

So here, for day 33 of Briana’s Happiness Journey is my contribution: The “Happiness Blast” 15 minute beginner workout.

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You never know what you can do until you try 😉

Whether you are taking these moves on for the first time, or you’re picking them after a break, I want you to grasp the opportunity to move, and be active, and feel happy with both hands!

Doing this video was a big deal to me.  Not just because Briana was kind enough to share her time and talent with me, but also because I have been away from the YouTube game for so long, getting back into it seemed impossible. Difficult. Unpleasant even.  Now tell me, does that not sound just like someone who is looking for reasons to skip the gym?!?


I think my friends and followers should start their own journal and follow along! You may be surprised how simply focusing on happiness once a week will bring you closer to your greatest and happiest year.  Add your workouts in and see how they make you shine, along with all the other terrific ideas, and options presented by Briana and her Tribe.

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