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The Buddy System

One of my favourite things about visiting my hometown is that it comes with built in work out partners- my sisters!  If you look back through the last year’s blogs, you’ll notice that I’ve recruited them for a work out every time we’ve been together:
This week was no exception.  After traveling to NYC, Atlantic City, Toronto, and Kincardine, I was super excited to land at home, lace up my runners, and get down to business – with a partner in crime!

Working out with a partner carries loads of benefits:
Accountability – There’s strength in numbers!  When you have another person counting on you to make it to the gym, meet them for a run, etc, it becomes putting off your work out becomes a thing of the past.  
Motivation – We all know that feeling – half way through a set, when your muscles are screaming, and your stomach is growling.  Stopping would be so easy!  Lucky for you, your work out buddy is there to tell you how great you’re doing, count you down and spur you on!  
Technique – Things don’t always look the way they feel.  An astute work out partner can help you execute, and maintain proper technique, by being your “eyes”  during the routine.
Safety – Fatique is an unavoidable part of fitness.  Whether you’ve just finished a work day, or are upping the ante by adding weight/reps to an exercise, as your body gets tired, lots of things can go wrong.  At times like these, working out with a friend can actually keep you safe!  Enlist a partner to spot you during arduous work outs, or literally push you through your final reps to failure.  
Competition – You did 20 pushups, they squeezed out 22.  Who will do more next round?!? A friendly game of “who can jump higher/finish first/do more reps?” can inspire you to work harder, and go further than you ever thought possible!


Working out is what you make of it.  Day in day out, season after season, wherever I am in the world, I manage to make time to work out.  Once in a while it’s nice to let someone else take the lead, come up with the ideas, or even, push my butt out the door to get a work out in. 
Work out buddies are where it’s at.
Do you love it?!?

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