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Take A Hike

Another trip, another amazing work out opportunity!  Last week I told you about running with tattoo artists in FL, this week I bring you hiking with models in LA.  (It’s a tough life, hey?) 

On Tuesday, I climbed up the hills off of Franklin Ave, en route to the Hollywood Resevoir with Bridget Blonde.  We used Run Keeper to track our distance and pace.  
Then, on Wednesday, I hiked up in Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, with Chloe Suicide and her lovely family.  
There is a terrific breakdown of this entire park posted at on Modern Hiker.  Actually, the name of that site couldn’t fit this experience better, since the trail is nestled next to the freeway.  One minute we were walking past traffic, the next we were high up in the hills, surrounded by vegetation and fellow hikers.  
Happy Family
View from the top
Worth it
Here are some fitness facts on Hiking:  
Remember: Use what you’ve got.  Not all fitness has to happen inside of a gym, and it doesn’t always have to be a solo endeavour.  Having a work out partner in crime will help you keep motivated on days you’re lagging, and can even give your fitness regime a new direction!

Do you love it?!?
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*Clearly this wasn’t posted on Wednesday.  I completed the work out in time, but not the post.  *shrugs*  Of course, I love sharing my work outs with y’all, so this sort of delay won’t happen often.  But this time around, not only did I complete the Ernest Debs hike on Wednesday, I also did a major photoshoot, visited with friends, and flew home to Canada.  So… long story short, after a day of recovery, laundry, and puppy snuggles, I am finally posting my work out of the week.  



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