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Stair Master

Every January, the local gyms fill up with New Year’s newcomers.  Not only that, with flu season upon us, your local fitness facility may also be full of… germs!  (Ok, that may be the germaphobe in me talking).  Still, getting some fresh air while you grind out a work out isn’t such a bad idea.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking… It’s cold outside!  Trust me, with a proper warm up, and some quick paced running around, you’ll be warm in no time 😉  

Here’s one of my favourite ways to get a sweat on, out in the cold.  

The following 5 exercises, 5 times through = One set.  Try for as many sets as you can!

Lunges – Take the basic exercise you know and love, and step it up – literally!  Place the front leg up one or two steps, depending on their height, then drop the back knee down towards the ground.  

Three up/two down – Just like it sounds, run up 3 stairs, then backtrack down two.  The gains are small, but the burn is huge!

Quick feet – Begin by placing one foot onto the step.  Splitting your weight evenly between your feet, start to switch your feet quickly in a scissor motion.  Do this for 1 minute without stopping.

Hops – Place your entire foot on the surface of the step, then hop on two feet, all the way to the top.

Sprints – Go hard.  Go fast.  And don’t stop til you get to the top.  

 Do you love it?!?

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