Work Out Wednesday – Squats

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Sumo Squats

This week, I’m highlighting another exercise that I rely heavily on – The Squat.  This particular exercise has already made many appearances in my WOW posts, and is a big part of the work outs I complete each week. 

Due to the activation of more than one joint and muscle, this exercise is classified as a compound exercise.  When factored into a weight training program, squats five you fast gains in size and strength.  A sumo squat, is a variation to the regular squat.

*Begin with your heels shoulder width apart. 

*Engage the glutes, and pull your bellybutton into your spine.  

*Keep your weight pressing down through the heels, and your knees behind your toes, as you lower yourself down into position.  

Video: Fred Fraser
Soundtrack: Dan Sorce

Now you’ve got the hang of it, why not take on something like the Sumo Squat Step Up Challenge?!?

Do you love it?!?

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