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I’ve been lucky enough to do lots of super rad, scary, adventurous things in my life.  But until last weekend, I had never skateboarded.  
Around the time most people step onto a board, I was busy competing in figure skating at a level that precluded all typical forms of adolescent entertainment.  No slumber parties, no boyfriends, and especially no skateboarding.  Basically, anything that could interfere with training, or worst of all, injure us, was strictly off limits.  At the time, I was so indentured to my sport that I thought little of it.  It wasn’t until years later I realized there were loads of really fun (and not so fun) things I had missed out on!  
Nowadays, I do what I want, when I want – obviously. And so, I set a goal for 2013, to learn to skateboard.
Sound simple?  Well let me tell you friend – it was a lot of things, but simple was not one of them.
The first person who offered to teach me, broke his leg in two places snowboarding.  Not only was this a pretty sick reminder of how dangerous so called “extreme sports” can be, it also meant he would be unable to coach me.
The second offer to learn came from what turned out to be the worst kind of skateboarding stereotype.  I’m not going to name names, or even judge his lifestyle choices, but I will say, I felt very uncomfortable, and had a little post dramatic stress following meeting his buddies at their place.  (Don’t worry, I brought back up.)
Finally, my good friend Shallynn suggested her best friend Adam for the job.  
A search as simple as “Skateboard work outs” produces many links.  (I’ve included my faves at the bottom of this blog.)  Most focus on the lower body, for obvious reasons.  The calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes get the brunt of the beating, during an intense skate sesh.  The core section, including the abdominals and back muscles also work hard to control and maintain balance while skating, and are also included in many of the featured work outs.  
On my first big day of skating, I decided to make my session more challenging by incorporating it into a circuit.  Of course, skateboarding can be a work out in itself, but in my case, simple rounds of the parking lot while tiring, weren’t what I would typically count as a “work out”. 
*For every 2 rounds I did of the lot, I came back to my mat and did 20 of the following exercises:
1) roll-ups
2) push-ups
3) v-sits
4) military push-ups
5) toe-touch sit ups
6) wide set push-ups

*Even though skateboarding is an excellent lower body work out on it’s own, I recommend incorporating it into your conditioning routine.  I do a lot of lower body work during the week, so I didn’t include it in this circuit 😉
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