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Pink Iron Gym

“The glamorous Hollywood décor will make you feel pretty in Pink, but don’t be fooled, you will feel tough as Iron when leaving from a workout in this gym.”
It was a long time in the making, but last weekend I finally got to work out at Pink Iron Gym in Los Angeles.  Pink Iron is everything I want in a gym and more!  From their tough but feminine interior, to killer coaches, they have everything a girl needs to get fit, trim and strong.  Owner Holly Holton has managed to create one of my LA’s premier fitness destinations, train celebrities and professional athletes, and compete in the Cross Fit games, while maintaining a flawless physique, and red carpet ready “blonde locks”.  (Pun intended) 😉


My favourite model & entrepreneur, the one and only Bridget Blonde has been training at Pink Iron as long as I’ve known her.  Yup.  Bridget does it all, and makes it look easy!  She is without a doubt one of the hardest working people in the industry, and her success, and incredible figure prove that if you’re willing to work for it, the world is yours. 
Having followed B’s fitness regime online for over a year, I was super excited to join her at Pink Iron on Saturday.
What: We took on the WOD (workout of the day) – A 24 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible)  


How: Complete as many circuits as you can, in 24 minutes.   
Team Work: If you have someone to work out with, you can complete the work out as a team challenge!
Team mate 1 begins with 200 meter cardio component.  
Team mate 2 begins with 10 reps each of Burpees, toes to bar, and ball toss.  
Team mate 2 – keep pushing through sets of ten of each isolation.  
Team mate 1 – Upon completion of the 200 meter cardio challenge, you have to pick up wherever your partner left off. i.e. If Bridget was on her 7th ball toss, I had to complete 3 more, before moving onto burpees.  
The count: Once through the cardio & isolations equals 1.  Bridget & I managed to get in 9 rounds in 24 minutes 😉  


Bridget gets down to business at Pink Iron several times a week.  You can keep up with her workouts via her Instagram and Tumblr.





And you can keep up with the latest in Pink Iron’s Cross Fit Circuit Training here:


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