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The Who, What, Where, When & Why of my fitness regime

Nike Training Club

Get Lean.  Get Toned.  Get Strong.  Get Focused.

So say the program options on the Nike Training Club app .
You can choose your goal, level and actual work-out in this user friendly, free app, available in iTunes.

The app then tailors a work-out according to your preferences, and walks you through every lunge, leap and burpee with step-by-step instructions, audio prompts, and even video demonstrations.  

You can even listen to your fave playlist while you work-out!

And, in case a pat on the back isn’t enough reward for you, a work-out summary, and social media plug-ins are integrated right into the app.  It’s an additional level of instant gratification that will appeal to everyone from weekend warriors, to gamers (What’s your score?!? What’s your level?!?) to athletes, and iPhone addicts the world over.  Unlock rewards and bonus’ with each routine you complete.  You basically accumulate points for every minute you work-out.  

This week my sisters and I took on 






Each routine presented a 30-45 minute blast of cardio, plyometrics, and weight lifting exercises*.   

*you can easily work around any equipment you don’t have, by modifying the movement, or completing it sans weight.

Score the app FOR FREE! here

I’m always on the look out for fun new work-outs that challenge, inspire, and more than anything give me lots of bang for my buck.  Time is pretty dear to me, so something this user friendly, and travel ready scores super high in my book!

Keep in mind that the “personal trainer” who walks you through the work-outs is no substitute for the real thing.  Be sure to be honest with yourself about your fitness level before selecting the grade of your work-out.  Likewise, keep a keen eye on your form and technique, particularly as you fatigue, as there won’t be anyone there to catch you if you fall (fail).

Other than that, clear some floor space, select a playlist, and GO!

Do you love it?!?

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