Work Out Wednesday – Mutha Fuggin Birthday!!

I was planning to post a Work Out Wednesday as usual but… 
Rydell woke me up dressed in her flying squirrel costume, while The Chipmunks serenaded me.  Next up we went into the kitchen, where a very special cake was awaiting me.  
After that it was decided that I should walk the dog wearing my very special Bday tiara and the above mentioned pjs.  Believe it or not, no one in my neighbourhood seemed very fussed by my appearance 😛


Later that afternoon, something magical arrived…
My very own pair of Kigurumi bunny PJs from my Wishlist!!
I spent the rest of the afternoon praciting on my skateboard, while wearing a tiara and bunny costume.  I’m not growing up, I’m growing down.  And I like it.
To be fair, I did go for a quick 3 km run part way through the day… but only to make room for more cake 😛
Stay tuned next week for a very special post on “Clean Eating”.  After all this birthday cake, I’m gonna need it 😉
Do you love it?!?

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