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Some of the greatest talent in the history of Canadian marathon running is getting ready to compete in the IAFF World Championships August 10-18th.  Among them are female competitors Lanni Marchant & Krista DuChene.

Here’s an interview taken earlier this season: 

After a difficult 2012 season — which included a marathon PB, a failed Olympic appeal and a DNF while making a run at the Canadian record — it appears Lanni Marchant has turned the corner. Consistency has been the theme for Marchant in the 2013 spring racing season.
Her latest triumph came on Saturday when she finished as the top Canadian — sixth overall — in the Ottawa Race Weekend 10K in 32:45. Marchant held off a fast-charging Krista DuChene, claiming the $2,000 prize as the best Canadian in the field. DuChene crossed the line in 32:52.
“I was running scared,” Marchant said of the final 2K. “I thought Krista was going to come back on me.” Marchant had to make up a gap on DuChene in the second portion of the race and managed to hold on.
Marchant and DuChene are both preparing for the world championships in Moscow in August. “Everything that happened last year is helping me. The Olympic appeal, my life circumstances, getting injured and coming back from that injury only to get hurt again. From last April until January this year was nothing but a learning experience,” says Marchant, who won the Around the Bay 30K and Yonge Street 10K earlier this spring.
“I think I finally have a handle on it.”
More than 10,000 runners took part in the Ottawa Race Weekend 10K on Saturday on a windy, overcast evening with temperatures hovering around 15 C. The elite 10K races are an important part of the schedule for many of Canada’s top distance runners.
A start line push nearly ended her race for a top time in the Scotia Bank half marathon in June

Having substained trial (pun intended), error, and fate, Lanni is back at her finest, most fit, and ready to take on the world in Moscow.  

These women’s perseverance, dedication, and determination is the ultimate in fitness inspiration.  In fact, my mantra all week has been “It’s not harder than running a marathon, I can definitely do this”.  😉

Every week I challenge myself to push harder, go further, and be better than I was the day before.  While I have been working out and trying new programs as usual, there wasn’t anything I was up to that seemed more motivating than the story of our Canadian marathon athletes.  I hope that you will find their stories as helpful to your training as I do.  

I’ll definitely be tuning in at 3 am Vancouver time to follow them on their journey.

In the meantime, you can check out this “Fitness Friday” work out, posted by Lanni on her blog “Marchant’s Forward March”.

Do you love it?!?

Moscow 2013: via Canadian Running Magazine

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