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Mile Repeats

I am spoiled to learn about running under the tutelage of my sister. She is an athlete. She is an expert.

“Usually you do a few miles warm up, stretch, drills, etc. then you set into them.

They can vary in purpose (tons of repeats at marathon pace to tire your legs vs. fewer intervals at 5k or 10k pace to get some speed endurance training in). Usually the rest/recovery will vary as well; 200-400 m jog rest for a marathon based workout. 400 m or timed rest (full recovery) for the speedier workout. 

So for you, you’d do probably mile or so warm up. Then maybe 2-3X a mile with 4-5 min rest (jogging is usually my preference). You’d probably aim for 6:20-6:30 mile pace (based on what you used to do your 5ks in).”

I encourage all of you to add an element of study to your training, be it running, or weights, or anything else you do or use in your workout repertoire! With the magazines and the internet at our fingertips, you don’t have to know your mentor, you need only access to their advice, value for their experience, and trust in their guidance.

Do you love it?!?

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