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Live and Direct

Sometimes even I need a little push.  This week I reached out online for some motivation, and found it in spades!  

It all started like this:

It’s been ages since I followed the P90X program, and Legs & Back was always my fave day, so I took  @crunchenhancer’s suggestion and rolled with it.

Keeping on the internet kick, I decided to look for a work-out partner online too!

I popped into SuicideGirls chat, and began to work out in the Health & Fitness room.  I also posted online in case anyone wanted to join in (and in case my work-out-partner-in-crime Karma was around).  After a few minutes, I was lured back into the main chat by Vivid, who pointed out “I don’t think anyone would mind a hot & sweaty Tita ;)”

I said some hellos, answered a couple of questions, and completed my work-out “Live and Direct”.  It was the next best thing to having a partner!


Now, for the work-out…

Legs and Back 

The legs and back workout session, which lasts about 60 minutes, is structured so that you complete two sets of different leg exercises and one set of a back exercise, and then return to another two sets of different leg exercises. There isn’t an assigned number of repetitions to complete for each set. Rather, each set consists of completing as many repetitions as you can in the allotted amount of time given in the video, which is one minute. The workout includes 19 exercises, however, each of the back exercises are repeated during the second half of the workout.

Read more:


1) Bal­ance Lunges: 25 each leg 

2) Calf Raise Squat: 25 each leg

3) Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: 20 reps with resistance

4) Super Skater: 20 each leg

5) Wall Squat: 90 sec

6) Wide Front Pull-Ups: 20 reps with resistance

7) Step Back Lunge: 15 reps each leg

8) Alter­nat­ing Side Lunge: 24 Reps

9) Closed Grip Over­hand Pull-Ups: 20 reps with resistance
10) Single-Leg Squat: 90 sec 
11) Dead­lift Squat: 20 reps/leg

12) Switch­Grip Pull-Ups: 20 reps with resistance
13) Three-Way Lunge with Two-Kick Option: 30 reps/15 per side

14) Sneaky Lunge: 20 reps
15) Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: 20 reps with resistance

16) Chair Salu­ta­tions: 10 reps
17) Toe-Roll Iso Lunge: 20 reps each side

18) Wide Front Pull-Ups: 20 reps with resistance

Note: no pull up bar?  An anchored hook and resistance band work great!

19) Grou­cho Walk: 45 secs

20) Calf Raises: 3 positions/ 25 reps each/8 lbs 

21) Closed Grip Over­hand Pull-Ups: 20 reps with resistance
22)80/20 Cyber-Speed Squat: 30 reps/leg

23) Switch Grip Pull-Ups: 20 reps with resistance


 Do you love it?!?

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