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Just A Girl

Last week a the lovely Elea asked via Instagram if I could post an alternate to full push ups.  In this case, the specific verbiage used was “girl push ups”.  
Call them whatever you like – Knee push ups, beginner push ups, or even girl push ups, but do not, for one second, make the mistake of thinking this style of push up is just for girls 😉
I really love it when people write to me with fitness questions, and requests, and am more than happy to assist them when I can.  Not only that, but I am also a huge supporter of adjusting exercises to suit people from all walks of life.  Fitness should be for everyone.  Even if you’re just a girl.

I’m strong.  I’m fit.  I’m a girl. 

* Place your arms shoulder width apart, thumbs lined up with your under arms
*With your weight evenly distributed between your knees and your arms, take up modified plank position
*Keep your body in one line, from your head to your knees
*Lower your body down to the floor, and push straight back up
NOTE: I made these slightly more difficult by tucking my elbows into my side.  This is sometimes called a “Military push up” and engages the triceps as well as the biceps. 

Here’s a beginner work out for the upper body, for those of you who for one reason or another (regardless of gender) aren’t up to HIIT training, plyometrics, or some of my previous work outs.  Hey – everybody’s gotta start somewhere! The important thing is to start.  So, to Elea I say thank you – for asking for this week’s Work Out Wednesday!  And also – keep working, working out, trying, testing, and asking for help.  Their are no stupid questions, only stupid people 😉

Do you love it?!?

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