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Ice Ice Baby

Week in and week out, I discuss my favourite, and most effective work-outs.  It would be unfair of me not to include one of the real secrets to my success.  Namely, figure skating.

As mentioned earlier this week, I recently returned from a skating contract in China.  I’m always surprised to see how quickly “this thing that I’ve done all my life”, improves my fitness level, and changes my body.  In short, there is nothing quite like getting flipped upside down, to tighten up your jiggly bits.  AND no amount of squats or lunges will ever equal laps around the ice, with 6 lbs of leather and steel strapped to your feet. 

In short, this is why I look the way I do…

Of course, I didn’t neglect the gym, and participated in daily work-outs and warm-ups comprised of exercises from previous routines.  

I started each day with 20 minutes on the stationary bike, or elliptical machine, to wake up my muscles.  I also did static stretching, sit ups, isometrics, squats and lunges. 

Then an hour before each show I warmed up all over again!  
My pre-show routine includes:
Jumping jacks
High knees
Jump squats

Classic push ups
Spider man push ups
Dive bomber push ups
Tricep Dips
Hand stands with press up


V sits
Oblique Twists
V snaps

And loads of dynamic stretching, to warm up my joints (particularly my shoulders, since I had to be swung by them.)

Do you love it?!?

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