Work Out Wednesday – Holiday Gut Buster

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Holiday Gut Buster

The holidays are all about family, fun and… food!  This is the one time of year it seems everyone makes, bakes, eats & enjoys food, regardless of their culture or belief system.  

It really doesn’t matter what you eat, so long as a) You jump right back into fitness b) You don’t continue to binge beyond the holidays.

In my case, I started back with a light work out last night, using my Pilates Perfomer.  

Then I revved things up this morning with the following routine, that focuses on the part we’re all feeling the most right now… Our gut 😉

“Holiday Gut Buster”6 exercises // 2 rounds // 50/10 split

Plank to Push Up

Wood Choppers

Side Plank

Squat Rotators R

Tricep Dips with Leg Raise

Squat Rotators L

Go ahead, dig in!
Do you love it?!?

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