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“If you want to be a champion.  You have to train like one.”
After much research, and many discussions with fellow fitness enthusiasts, I finally tried out the GSP RUSHFIT program… And… I loved it!
RUSHFIT is a work out program designed to emulate the cross training done by MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre.  Comprised of “short, intense, and efficient” 45 minute segments, the routines focus on 6 primary training areas, including: strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, balance and agility.   
Each DVD is hosted by Georges, and lead by fellow MMA fighter Erik Owings.  Erik leads and delivers motivation in a gentle but firm voice, and expounds on the technique, and intensity of each movement.  Georges chimes in from time to time to relate how an exercise “feels” or “helps” him in his training, but does not teach the program directly.  Instead Georges participates in each exercise, and completes it at full intensity within the allotted time. 
Now, before you look at Georges or even me and think “this program is too tough for me”, I want to point out that each of the routines in the series give high and low intensity options.  Similar to standard aerobics demonstrations, or the P90X system, there is a participant who showcases lower impact alternatives.  
According to the website, RUSHFIT is designed for 5 types of people: 
1. People who want to lose weight
2. People who want to build lean muscle and become stronger
3. People who want to achieve a better physical condition
4. People who want to know what it’s like to train for MMA
5. People who love challenges
It goes on to say that if you fit into “2 or more of these categories” this program is definitely for you.  While I can’t say what is or isn’t for you – I personally love learning new work out programs, and updating my routine.  For me the conditioning and/or strength that comes along with it, is just a bonus!  
Truthfully, one of my favourite things about this fitness program is the support available via it’s website.  With links to GSP social media, and a comprehensive blog featuring nutrition and work out tips, motivates, and mentors athletes above and beyond the 8 week program.
Get more info, or try it for yourself via these links:
Georges St. Pierre Twitter



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