Work Out Wednesday – Gone But Not Forgotten

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Being on the road can really challenge your fitness goals. Where will you work-out? What will you use? How will you find the time?!?

I recently traveled to Seattle to present #SGTAKESTHENW There was marketing to be done, a Comiccon to attend, photos to shoot, and a party to host!
It reminded me that with just a little flexibility and motivation, you can squeeze a work-out into any space or schedule, and make something terrific out of nothing!

I did this sweet work-out with Rydell & Aadie Suicide in our hotel, before heading over to run amok at the ECCC.

30 minutes cardio (on machine of your choice)

2 sets 10 Froggers

2 sets 10 Split squats

2 sets 10 Push ups

2 sets medicine ball sit ups (with partner)

It was killer!

Do you love it?!?

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