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Go Outside!

By now you should have a pretty good idea of how I feel about fitness.  
Indoors, outdoors, in the gym, at the airport, with friends, with equipment, without equipment…  It really is something that you can do “Anytime, Anywhere”
In the summer however, my practices change significantly.  Sure DVDs, group classes, and skating in the rink are still on my radar, but when the sun shines (especially in Vancouver), I do my best to go outside!  
In fact, I’ve been doing so much of it lately, my blog is a coupla days late.  It’s been sunny here for a record 29 days!  Can you blame me?!?
I’ve covered hiking, skateboardingswimming, and running work outs before, so by all means, take a look back at those blogs and copy and paste the routines into whatever surroundings you have this summer.  
Here are some pictures from the work outs I’ve been doing in the great outdoors 😉
Hiking The Chief 
When my friends Brian Caissie & Jordan Mayfield invited me to climb The Stawamus Chief with them, I was so excited, I could barely sleep!  The Chief has three main summits, the third of which is a whopping 702 m (2,303 ft) above sea level.  The climb is varied, and quite rugged at times.  It alternates between wooden steps, steep grades with metal chains, straight up climbs with ladders, and good old fashioned hiking.  
Mid way up The Chief
View from the top of the 3rd peak
Twice a week I have a 2 hour break at the arena.  While I used to fill this time with work and errands, this summer I’ve taken to packing my board in my trunk, and putting in a solid skate sesh in the arena parking lot.  
Skate.  All damn day.
Swimming in the ocean
Those who know me well know that I really don’t care for the beach.  Gasp!  I know right?  While I can appreciate it’s beauty, and understand why other people like it, I personally don’t care for long days spent laying in the sand.  What I do care for is changing up my routine, trying new things, and keeping fit.  So when Brian gave me a call to once again hit the great outdoors, I let him surprise me with the destination.  This time around – it was the Third Beach in Stanley Park.  
Toes in the sand at Third Beach
Sunset swim workout in the ocean
What else?  How about running distances, and running around chasing babes with water guns?  I’ve been up to a little bit of both. ..
Don’t worry, I’ll be back with a fresh work out soon… but right now, I wanna go outside!!
Do you love it?!?

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