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Get Wet
Happy 4th of July y’all!  
Now that summer has officially arrived, it’s time to lose the layers, and show off our best bikini bodies in the pool. 
My new Blonde Locks bikini!!
I’ve no doubt loads of you enjoyed a cool dip on this very day –  
As it turns out, it’s a great way to blast through those BBQ calories, and tighten and tone your bikini clad derriere.  

Here are the fitness facts on swimming:
*Swimming is low impact, which makes it perfect for individuals with arthritis, weight limitations, or those recovering from injury.
*Swimming recruits all the major muscle groups, and is both an aerobic and anaerobic activity.  It develops muscles, strengthens the heart, and can assist in weight loss.
*In just one hour of moderate swimming, the average woman (5’5″ / 130 lbs) can burn up to 500 calories.  

As previously mentioned, my lil sis recently sustained an ankle injury.  No stranger to convalescence, she will be spending many days in the pool, completing work-outs targeted to maintain her fitness level, and protect her ankle from further harm.
Lucky for me (can you say that about your sister’s injury?) I got to take in just such a work-out last week!

Once again, I insisted we wear matching outfits
Do each activity for five minutes:
Aqua jog – Place a pool noodle under your arms and “jog” just above the surface of the water for one lap, swim back to start, repeat.

Speed Bike aqua jog – press the noodle deeper into the water, raise hips up, and propel yourself forward by alternating your legs in a “cycling” motion for one lap.  (This feels similar to the way you would power through a spin class.) Swim back to start, repeat.
Flutter kick – with floatation device in front of you, extend your legs back, and keeping the knees soft, move the legs up and down in 3 – 4 inch kicks.  Do not bend your knees, as this recruits the quads and glutes. Do this for the entire 5 minutes.

Hands free aqua jog – same as above, except this time, you hold yourself up! Swim back to start, repeat.

Aim to complete the entire circuit 5 times through.


Not being much of a swimmer myself, I was lucky to have an elite coach talk me through each exercise.  If you are new to water fitness, loads of local community centres and pools offer classes to get your started.  Or, if you’re ready to take on something by yourself, Women’s Health has a great Total Body Swim Workout 

Do you love it?!?

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