Work Out Wednesday – Functional Strength

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Functional Strength

Today’s workout is all about functional strength or what I like to refer to as “real life” strength.  This routine is comprised of compound exercises that challenge you to work, while you work out – just like you do in your day to day life.  

With cardio and weight lifting machines, it can be all too easy to go through the motions without concentrating on what you’re doing.  It’s like sticking a dvd in the machine, and pressing play.  We get on the treadmill, press start, and tune out.  Of course this isn’t true of everyone – but for some gym goers, the machines take the work out of their workout.

In day to day life, we don’t have that option.  If you want to walk somewhere, you have to press forward with every step.  Not only that, but how often do you just walk?  These days we walk and… carry groceries, climb stairs, and clean the floor on our hands and knees.  In short, we spend the majority of our day multi tasking, and use our bodies in varied, and complex ways.  (Of course we also sit at desks and lay in beds, but for most of us, that’s only part of our daily life.)

This work out is designed to make engage multiple body parts, and your brain.  

“Lord Of The Thighs”
2 minute warm up // 12 rounds 50/10 split

1. Squats – y’all know how these go by now 😉

2. Alternating Planks

3. Alternating Squat Leg Lifts

4. Star Planks Left

5. Star Planks Right

Do you love it?!?

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