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The Who, What, Where, When & Why of my fitness regime


If you’ve been following along, then you know I have been working my way back into full scale work outs, after sustaining some injuries.  (See R.I.C.E. & Recovery Mode).
Last week I was super stoked to be well enough to begin exercise again.  I wanted to start with lighter fare, so I opted for pilates (Pantless Pilates to be exact).
Then I went into the gym – for the first in 3 weeks!


Admittedly I took it pretty easy that night, opting for 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I tried 5 minutes of light running on the treadmill, but confirmed my suspicions that my neck wasn’t quite ready for the impact yet.
The next morning I hit the sea wall for a sweet skate sesh with Sid, who rolled along with me on his skate board.  
I was so stoked to be back in action!  I immediately booked to go in for circus training the following Friday afternoon.
But then…
I was rear ended by a car.
Luckily no one was irreparably harmed.  The driver who hit us had no injuries that I know of, and our cars survived save for my bumper.  The injuries I sustained are limited to my neck, and left knee, and are mostly related to the shock of the car hitting me, rather than me smashing into anything inside the car.
Which brings us to the present moment.  
I’m going back into physio this week, and am more or less back to square one with my recovery. 
So, in light of all of this, today’s post is about FOCUS.
In the gym focus is needed to concentrate on form, maintain technique, and to be aware of your surroundings.  
Too often I see people exercising with zero attention paid to the details.  
Running on the streets with head phones in
Climbing onto cardio equipment with TVs in front of their faces
Pushing through weights more worried about who’s watching than what it looks like
I’m taking this opportunity to remind everyone that whether it’s at the gym, or behind the wheel of a car – you need to PAY ATTENTION!
I caught up on some Jenna Marbles videos this week, when I came across her rant “FUCK MY HOUSE”.  It definitely fired me up some, because in that very moment, today’s blog post was born.
In one year of work out posts, I’ve never felt compelled to use the F bomb.  But today all I want to do is yell at every person I see being distracted.  I want to shake them, and tell them to be in the moment! I want them to see, and feel, and smell, and taste, and enjoy everything around them – including every work out at the gym!
This week, after endless days spent paying attention to my body, and taking care of it, I was put in harms way by a distracted driver.  And I got off light!  We’ve all been affected by carelessness, and it’s never fair.  It serves as a terrific reminder that no matter what we’re doing, we need to be doing THAT ONE THING.  I’m am the queen of multi-tasking, so I am just as deserving of this message as anyone.  
Please.  Take my advice.  Take it home.  Take it to work.  And take it to the gym with you too!
Do you love it?!?

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