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Fitness on the Mend

Sometimes, our bodies don’t behave.  Despite our best intentions, and most ardent care, we get tired, we break down, we get injured.  

This post is about working out through injury.  Or more specifically what to do, when you can’t do what you usually do.

My sister was in town this week to race in a half marathon.  On her first day here she ran 15 miles.  On day 2 she did a 8/6 double.  Day 3 brought 400 repeats.  And then, something went wrong…
She began noticing a tightness in her ankle.  Hopeful it would settle down by race day, she tapered her training, did the old RICE standby, and bought some Advil.  

On race day, we were awaiting her triumphant appearance at the finish line, when my phone rang.  She had pulled out at 4 km.  The medical team suspected a sprained ankle, or perhaps worse.  

How does a runner keep their fitness level up when they can’t run?  They get creative.

We put on matching outfits. We threw on P90X. We improvised. 

Modified Core Synergistics
Low Lateral Skaters:


Bow to Boat:

Squat X-Press:

Reach High and Under Push Ups:

Plank to Chatarunga Iso:

Fitness waits for no man.

Do you love it?!?

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