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Fitness For Free

These days you needn’t spend a fortune to get fit.  From magazines, to television, videos to at-home routines, there are a plethora of tools and techniques out there to help you shrink your waist, without shrinking your wallet.  

Here are some of the places I’ve found fitness – for free

Hotel Gyms – If  you’ve tuned in before, you already know – Hotel gyms are my jam!  Check in.  Unpack.  Find the gym.  This has been my practice for longer than I can remember.  Whether it’s on site, or at a nearby facility, more and more establishments are offering fitness options in an effort to invite guests to stay with them.  Why am I mentioning this?  They’re usually complimentary! 

Magazines – Sure, buying fitness magazines is a relatively inexpensive way to get some work-out inspiration, but what’s even better than cheap?  Free!  Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Women’s Health, and Self Magazine are just some of the publications that offer gratis work-out content on their websites. 

Instagram – This popular app is home to more than just tattoos, babes & kicks.  There are several health & fitness pages that provide tips on work-outs, diets & exercise wear.  My fave?!?  Instagramfitness 

Twitter – Here are the pages of my fave brands, gyms, and fitness personalities 
1) Pink Iron is a kick ass women’s gym in LA.  They regularly post inspirational pics & their Work Out of the Day (WOD).  
2) Metal Workout LA – high intensity work-outs and high energy soundtracks!  If you like fast paced, high volume, strength building work-outs, and live to push the limits, this feed is for you.  Their website is also full of hard core fitness, diet, and music tips. 
3) Bridget Blonde – model, cake eater, pitbull lover & fitness aficionado Bridget posts pics of her daily work-outs, skate sessions, and flawless physique.  In her own word, “If you need fitness inspiration, here you go”.

Websites – BodyRock TV remains my favourite work-out website.  Their routines are quick, athletic, and can often be accomplished without equipment.  Recently, Lisa & Sean added beginner, intermediate & advanced options, which means this site really does offer something for everyone, even if all you’re into is a shot or two of Lisa’s sweaty midriff.  

YouTube – There are thousands upon thousands of fitness videos available on Youtube.  Which you choose to follow will depend on your goals, level of fitness, equipment needs and taste.  My go to?  Zuzka Light’s channel.  The co-founder of BodyRockTv is a super cute,  super fit babe with a penchant for HIIT training routines.  New vids go up at least twice a week.

Apps – If you follow my blog, you already know I rely on smart phone apps for fitness on the go.  Of course there are loads of paid apps with amazing routines and expert advice, but there are just as many free ones!  My go to apps? 
1) Nike Training Club – check out my take on it here
2) Interval Timer – keep track of your work and rest time with this free, easy to use timer
3) BodyRock Tv – this app offers the same work-outs they post to the website plus an interactive chat & news feed feature. 

Starbucks –  As you may already know, each Tuesday Starbucks offers an iTunes “Pick of the Week”.  The cards, available at the counter, typically feature a new artist/single, but on occasion they provide free video content, or apps.  Last month I picked up a card with a code for the new app Pocket Yoga, which I have since added to the “Fitness” folder on my iPhone.

Blogs – if you’re reading this post, you’ve already found my favourite fitness blog 😉 But if you want more where this came from, take a poke around Blogger and WordPress.  Or, search using an article like this one: 60 Must Read Health & Fitness Blogs of 2012.  

*Remember, nothing can replace the expertise, or guidance of personal trainers, and group instructors, so if you choose to go it alone, be careful!!  Consult your doctor, share with friends, or join an online community if you need additional support.

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    I love it!<br /><br />I use the Jefit app on my phone to keep track of my routines and what I do when. Well, I&#39;ve just started using last week… but in that short time I feel like my workout has become so much more organized 🙂

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