Work Out Wednesday – Fast Twitch

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Fast Twitch

I am not fast.

I am stubborn
I am driven
I am a hard worker
I am quick

But I am not fast. 
At least not in the physiological sense.  
It is generally accepted that muscle fiber types can be broken down into two main types: slow twitch (Type I) muscle fibers and fast twitch (Type II) muscle fibers. 

It is said that the amount of each type of muscle fiber is “God given”, and that the breakdown, or percentage cannot be changed.  Fortunately, it is possible to develop the ones you have, and solicate improvement, through appropriate training.

For the past couple of weeks, I called on an old standby:

Suicide Drills
Used to train speed and agility by basketball players, this kind of work-out is of benefit to anyone who would like to improve their overall quickness, and cardio.  
Best of all, all you need is a pair of running shoes, and some space to run!  

Back when I was still competing, we did similar drills on the ice, but called them hockey lines.  Hockey lines were completed after every run through of our solo, and in on-ice conditioning classes. 

I headed down to the local tennis courts with my canine partner in crime, so we could enjoy the Vancouver sunshine while I got my speed on.

How to:

Divide your space into 4 sections.  These can be marked by lines on the ground (like those found in a gymnasium), or marked by items such as pylons, placed where you want them.

From the starting line, sprint to the first object.  Touch down, and without stopping, immediately sprint back to your starting point. Next, sprint past the first object to the second object, again changing direction quickly, and returning to the start position.

Repeat until you have run to and from each marker, in succession, finishing with the closest marker.

  • I find the most effective intervals are set at irregular distances, rather than even lengths. You may organize your sprints from furthest to closest, or visa versa.  (A mix of both makes for terrific confusion training!) 

  • Following my final drill, I completed 5 sets of 10 squats/10 lunges to round out the work-out, and bring me up to a full 30 minutes.

    At which point Pato & I were proper knackered. Try it! I’m sure you’ll see why 😉

    Do you love it?!?

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