Work Out Wednesday – Double It Up


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Double It Up

Last week my brother came to visit me in Vancouver – for the first time ever!


In addition to touring around, shopping, and eating, we also found time to work out together.  I’ve posted work outs with my siblings before, so it should come as no surprise that my brother is in pretty great shape.  


The Workout:
Push upsSquats 

1 push up & 2 squats
2 push ups & 4 squats
3 push ups  & 6 squats
push ups  & 8 squats
push ups  & 10 squats
push ups  & 12 squats
push ups  & 14 squats
push ups  & 16 squats
push ups  & 18 squats
10 push ups  & 20 squats
Repeat twice through 
*Include push up variations if you’d like!

1 legged push up
Military push up
Close grip push up
This work out may sound simple, but trust me,  it’s a tough one!  Feel free tailor it to your fitness level, by decreasing the total reps, or slowing down as needed.  
I feel very lucky to come from a fit family.  My siblings and I lean towards athletic activities, and enjoy a wide range of sports too.  Whether for competition or hobby, we eat and train like we mean it.  Afterall, good genes will only get you so far 😉
Do you love it?!?  


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