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Diet FAQ

If you check in from time to time, you may have noticed that I don’t take my diet too seriously…

After years in sport, the stress and focus needed to be “on” all the time, is not something I care to carry with me day to day. When push comes to shove, I know just what to do to get myself in shape, and looking my best.  I’ve learned to celebrate the little things, while looking the way I want and need to.

Photos by Fred Fraser


Q: Do you eat clean all the time?  A: no
Q: Do you work out every day?  A: no

Q: Do you really look like “that”? A: yes
Q: How do you do it?  A: I listen to my body

Here are some of the foods that I’ve enjoyed (and posted to Twitter!) in the past month:

Now, as you may have seen last week, here are some of the work-outs I’ve enjoyed (and posted to Twitter!) in the past month:

October 17th: BAM! #crossfit style #countdown #circuit – 11 sets L & R step ups, followed by clean & jerk #morning #fitness 
October 12th: Just did this countdown #circuit 5 times through – in my underwear.#morning #fitness (40 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 squats, 10 pushups)
October 5th: Just did a “Seriously Wild Core” #workout by @BodyRockTv#straightupabs #morning #fitness

September 28th: 4 sets – 10 #pushups 10 #cleannjerk 20 #doubleunders 10 #burpeesHappy Friday #morning #fitness 

Q: Do I eat what I want, when I want?  A: YES!  
Q: Do I always want, and therefore always eat cupcakes?!? A: NO!

Use your head.  Follow your gut.  Take a look at the bigger picture.  

If your goal is to lose weight, trim up, or make a significant change to your body, you have to  make a change to your lifestyle.  

If your goal is to maintain what you’ve already achieved, you have to keep doing what you’re doing.
For every treat that I eat/post, there are many small, clean, healthy meals that you don’t see.  For the most part, I choose not to post them because… what’s cute or fun about a bowl of oatmeal?

Do you love it?!?

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