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This week, I’m writing about an experience common among hard core gym goers.  My friend’s and I started calling it “crossfit problems”.  
Really, this sort of thing is nothing new.  Typically it falls under the “no pain, no gain” category.  But in the extreme world of cross fit and HIIT training, this mentality results in some truly gnarly injuries.  In fact, I had a pretty good wipe out last year,  and lucky for you, I got it on video!
Here’s a quick clip of the Body Rock TV work out “Bringing Sexy Back”, followed by something truly hilarious…
So… you may be wondering.  Why share this footage now?  Well, as it turns out, I was inspired by a recent tweet by @RandiFitMom
This mother of two, is a self described gym addict, who recently re-molded her body, using a combination of clean eating, and hard core workouts.  
Oh… and did I mention she’s my sister?
Here’s the deets on her “run in” with box jumps:


As usual, I have my own round of interesting wounds to share, each inflicted by the work outs we love to hate – Cross Fit & HIIT training. 
1) Bruised tail bone
2) Missing toe nail


3) Scraped bum


Okay, so it’s not all scrapes and bruises.  Sometimes it’s just good old fashioned sore muscles.  Of course better than all of that, it’s also incredible gains in strength, fitness, and over all well being.  My sister is a perfect example of that 😉
You can follow Randi’s transformation via her social media sites:
As for me… you know where to find me 😉
Do you love it?!?

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