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Circuit Training

Circuit training is a form of conditioning, in which multiple exercises are accomplished with little to no rest between them.  It is often practiced by athletes, or those wishing to improve their stamina.  It works by challenging the body to complete the chosen activities in a fixed order, for a pre-determined amount of time, thus stressing your body aerobically, which adds an additional level of fatigue and ups the level of co-ordination needed to complete even basic exercises.
We did the following “circus circuit” using apparatus in our gym.  While some of these moves are very sport specific, the idea behind this circuit is the same as any other.  Go to each station, complete the exercise, move on to the next one!
We did 9 stations, for a minute each, with roughly a minute between stations (after being upside down, you have to recover a little longer than typically necessary at the gym)
*I don’t have photos from each station, so have included an explanation for the exercises I missed snapping a picture of
1) Dangle* – Grasp the silks with both hands, engage shoulders and hang for 1 minute
2) Inversion knee holds
3) Suspended double leg lunges* – Take up basic foot hold on the silks, and lunge from side to side while suspended
4) Wall hand stands
5) Ball crunches
6) Skin the Cat

7)Plank to pike
6) Supermans* – Lie on your stomach and grasping the exercise ball with your hands, raise it off of the floor, while keeping your hips pressing down into the floor.  
9)Hammock inversions 
At the end of our workout and training today, we did a group stretch session, that was really informative and fun!  


We have been training so hard lately (9 hours per week, plus our personal work outs) that I am completely knackered.  Not only is my body tired, but my brain is too!  Don’t kid yourself –  Adding fitness to your life is no easy task.  It takes time, training, courage and determination.  While most of the work outs I complete are advanced, even a small increase in  your activity level will take some getting used to.  If you’re just starting out, don’t get discouraged!  Even professionals have days where we feel like we’re too tired to go on.  

Keep your goals in focus, and take good care of yourself.  Rest, and recover when necessary.  Then get back in there and kill it!
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