Work Out Wednesday – Brazillian Butt Lift

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Brazillian Butt Lift

Last week while in Toronto for Fan Expo, I had the pleasure of working out with fellow SuicideGirl and fitness aficionado Vesta Suicide

Vesta began her fitness journey last year, in an effort to improve her health, and relieve restless leg syndrome.  She has since fallen in love with the fit life, and her blog, Instagram posts, and photos show her incredible progress.

We spent Thursday & Friday meeting up with friends and fans at the SG booth

Then we headed back to my hotel for an butt busting workout inspired by Beach Body’s Brazillian Butt Lift.  

The program promises a “higher, tighter, rounder, fitter” butt, and based on the movements included in the routine, it’s easy to see why.  With squats, lunges, lifts, and plyometric exercises, you target the three major muscles of the buttocks, as well as your quads, hamstrings, and calves, with one *ahem “well rounded” work-out.  

Here’s my version
Failure to Launch – because by the time you’re through, you’re legs will be so tired, lift off will feel impossible!

Do 20 reps of the following exercises, in quick succession, 3 times through

NOTE: Since my hotel was older, the rooms were quite small, so (pillow fights notwithstanding) we simply wouldn’t have fit in there.  Since the building didn’t have a fitness centre, we did this work-out in the elevator lobby of my floor.  As we completed the following movements, we encountered more than a few fellow con goers, who reacted with a mix of surprise and curiosity.  I don’t think anyone minded a couple of scantily clad SuicideGirls jumping around on their floor.  Would you?!?


Leg raises

Donkey kick raises

Straight leg lifts

Mid way point!  Grab some water if you need it.

Split squats

Skater squats

Pelvic thrusts

For the final exercise, we did two versions:

Low impact*
Lunge with straight leg kick

80/20 Jump squats 

When it was all said and done, we were knackered!  Our legs felt like they were full of battery acid, and the act of stepping up, or even lowering ourselves down to the floor seemed impossible!  The name of this work-out was coined in that very moment.  We had worked our bums and legs to failure!  “Failure to Launch” usually has a negative connotation, but in this case, we wouldn’t have had it any other way 😉

We did manage a short walk to Benihana for epic bento mealtime.  After all, you gotta refuel, and after a work-out likes ours, carbs & protein were definitely on the menu.

Do you love it?!?


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    Nathan Musgrove

    Thanks again for another great read! If you're ever gonna have a guy join you for a workout Wednesday you'll have to let me know, I can get a great workout planned out or do one of yours!

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