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The work-outs don’t stop, just cause you’re on vacation, so I modified the my routine this week to work in my current surroundings~ Bogota, Colombia!

This week’s pick: “Hot Girls Sweat” by BodyRockTV

I did the following 13 exercises, 3 times through, as quickly as I could:

1) Push Up & Twist
2) Switch Lunge
3) Deadlift row – Weight free (I paid special attention to engaging my hamstrings and snapping into the upright position)
4) Side Lunge – Left Leg
5) Side Lunge – Right Leg
6) Push-Up & Touch Shoulder
7) Lunge & Twist – Alternate legs
8) Elevated Push Ups
9) Mountain Climbers
10) Plank (1 minute)
11) Side Oblique Plank – Left Side
12) Side Oblique Plank – Right Side
13) Tricep Dips

You may notice an additional modification…
In an effort to keep my clean clothes clean, I worked out in my underwear!

Do you love it?!?

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