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Balance Training

If success is when opportunity meets preparation, then I have cornered exactly one half of that equation.  
After years of high stress training, I’ve learned to be easier going when it comes to my diet and exercise routine.  For me that means, taking advantage of opportunities when they arise, rather than over planning, or stressing about details.  If I need to get a work out in, I’ll wake up extra early, or do one on the fly (no pun intended).  A healthy lifestyle, diet, and fitness is all about balance, both literally and figuratively. 😉
Today, I squeezed in a work out between two sessions at the rink, and circus training.  
Why?  Because I could. 
How?  By using what was available.  
On my way to the gym, I decided to use whatever equipment was I saw first, plus my smart phone to come up with a routine.  It immediately took away any pressure I felt, in terms of “need” or “have to” and replaced it with a amusing challenge.  The end result –  “working out” was the same, but by removing the stress (in this case the planning) the whole thing was stress free and much more fun!
Equipment: BOSU Ball (Note: I used a non branded balance trainer, but you could also use a stability ball for most of the following exercises)
Website: 6 Quick BOSU-Ball exercises by
Instructions: Complete this work out twice through
1) Forearm Plank
2) Side Plank
3) One Legged Bridge
4) Mountain Climber
5) Burpee Jump
6) Push Up
There are also some great programs posted on the official BOSU website
BAM!  It really can be that easy. 
Do you love it?!?

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