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Abs like that

The one question I field more than any other is “How can I get abs like yours?!?”

Cupcakedujour by Marlo Lavonne
Truth be told, it isn’t difficult to look good in professional photos.  Talent, lighting, and photoshop are wondrous things.  They’re little fixes that can go a long way to undoing weeks, months, or even years of unsavoury lifestyle choices.  

Hangin with Tita by //SLANG magazine

In my case, I have the benefit of incredibly talented collaborators (Steve Prue, Fred Fraser, and Marlo Lavonne, to name a few), and a lifetime in sport to fall back on.  And so, with me, whether it’s a glossy professional photo, or one snapped on my iPhone, what you see, is really what you get.

Cupcake Du Jour by Fred Fraser

So, rather than my usual WOW – my favourite work-out of the week, I decided to write out the work-out staple I do almost every day “Ab 6”.  

Work Out Wednesday by Steve Prue
 Here’s my main ab routine, with a few pointers and notes on technique.

Ab 6
Six exercises which, when performed as a set, target the entire core, front and back, top to bottom.  Perform 20 reps of all 6 exercises, for a total of 120 sit ups.

When working the abs, it’s important to concentrate.  No really!  Trust me, it’s easy to “zone out” and simply go through the motions.  Instead, think about drawing your belly button into your spine with each crunch or sit up.  Doing so will help to turn on the “internal girdle” and keep all of your guts where they belong.  Too often I see people attempting to train their mid-section, with their bellies pushing out on each rep.  With a simple change in focus, and a mind to Pilates style breathing, you can put your insides back where they belong (inside!).  With each rep, scoop out the belly, so that it hollows out while you perform the exercise, then release, and return it to it’s start position.

Works the rectus abdomens 

Works the transverse abdominals 

3. Crunchy frogs
Works the upper and lower abdomen

Works internal/external obliques

6. Supermans
Works lower back

Do you love it?!?


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    Nathan Musgrove

    Another great post! Especially the concentrate, that gets over looked so often. With abs and with every other workout. Want great abs, think about them, stand up straight, sit up straight, keep your abs tight while doing every workout. I was as guilty as anyone on these points, but it it is very important. Strong and fit is the new sexy, and Tita is as sexy as they come 😉

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