Wizard World Anaheim

“I’m just an Orange County girl, livin in an extraordinary world”

Check out this vid from the con. I’m not sure what they were filming… but they got an awful lot of me standing and bouncing around…

I think one of the reasons I love Wizard World cons is that they have something for everyone. There are (of course) comic & sci-fi vendors, artists, writers & celebrities.
This is my 3rd Wizard World convention and I’m thrilled!
Imagine getting to hang with SG celebrities like:
Cherry, Bob, Sash, Radeo, Kemper, Antigone, Moxi, Ackley, Boomie, Harlowe, Callioppe, Leandra, Milloux, Nicolai, Sysca, and more!

In other news, I was Cherry’s helper on loads of shoots in CA!

Check out:

(That’s us leaving our top secret location)

And I have a cameo in Squeak’s “Nuff Said” Shot by Bob Suicide!

A final thought…

I was given a VIP ticket to Dancing with the Stars this week and it must be said:

Pamela Anderson is as stunning in person as she is on TV.

She literally oozes sex appeal with every breathe she takes. While watching her in action, I invented a new day to day challenge for myself.
I’m going to try to be sexier.
(Haha~ I’m giggling just thinking about it)
It might take a few days to catch on, but I’m gonna work on it starting this weekend…

Do you love it?!?


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