Unicorn Princess

“Unicorns are illusive and come in many forms” – Stoya

Video by: Steve Prue

Lingerie by: Karolina Laskowska

Corset and horn by: Stoya 

Stills from “Unicorn Princess” as featured in the UNICORN Issue of zerospaces.com

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Some thoughts…

Living a unique and magical existence myself, I feel a certain kinship with the mythical unicorn. Stared at, celebrated, and duplicated, everyone wants an experience of the divine.

What happens to the unicorn when it isn’t prancing proudly, covered in glitter? How does it spend it’s nights? Who keeps it company?

It turns out that being enshrined for a specific look can be decidedly less glamourous than it appears. Distinctive is just a nice way of saying “different”, and the truth is those of us who are highlighted for our horns, are often ostracized by the horn-less.

My most magic quality has always been my ability to see the bright side. Rainbows are a gift given to those that weather the storm. This project, this space, and these collaborators were as special to me as any pretty package I’ve ever been awarded. But all the the gilt and the gorgeousness in the world is not nearly as valuable as authentic connection, communication, and care.

I’ll never be sorry for dancing around in beautiful garments, showing the NSFW, or taking the path less traveled. It is, and has been a truly wonderful existence. I challenge those of you who enjoy it alongside me to remember that it isn’t all reward. A unicorn’s horn is often valued more highly than the life of the animal itself.

The next time you celebrate the fantastic, fanciful lives your favourite muses, take a moment to remember that they appreciate your support more than your stare. And as for cages, you can keep ’em. (I don’t care what colour you let me paint the walls.)

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