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Tita DuJour

Tita DuJour and Steve Prue hit up Arsenic with the sneak peak of a life time. This east coast beauty collaboration with Steve Prue titled “Trash & Vaudeville” is so fun and so Arsenic we are very excited to be bringing it to you guys before it has even been released. Her Q&A with Arsenic was also so fucking hilarious and very entertaining to read. Check it out below and be sure to follow both Steve (@tmronin) and Tita (@cupcakedujour).
What’s a perfect “Tita” day? 
Coffee.  Cupcakes.  And gettin creative.
5 people who create things that you have worked with/want to work with/wish you could work with:
1) Steve Prue (duh)
5) Oscar Wilde
You have unlimited budget for a photo shoot. What do you buy?
Clothing by L.A.M.B., Alexander McQueen, HUF, & The Blonde Locks.  And and a massive loft space in Paris.
Most fun during a photo shoot?  Least fun during a photo shoot? Most fun is definitely an inspired photographer who gives excellent direction.  I can take the lead when necessary, but I love being told what to do.
Least fun is anything that involves freezing my butt off.  I have spent years in cold ice arenas, and have a high pain tolerance, but being naked and cold at the same time is probably my least favorite thing in life. 
Who would play you in a sitcom about your life? 
“Overachieving ruler of the Candy Kingdom” Princess Bubblegum 
Favorite non vehicular transportation?  (Rollerblades vs Roller skates vs Skateboard vs Bicycles)
Up until this year I would have gone for roller skates hands down – but this summer I picked up skateboarding, and I’m addicted.  The push, the speed, the tricks.  I’m into it.  Next spring I’m heading to Hong Kong, to skate my life away with some super talented homies.  I might never come back.
Best excuse to take off your shirt in public?
Who needs an excuse?  Also, Id like to add: I think pants are stupid.
 What makes cupcakes the supreme rulers of the dessert world?
*cold stare* Don’t get me started. 
Do you love it?!?
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